God help men – Arab girls are catching up fast

Arab girls are catching up with their European and American sisters fast
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A social study of matrimonial trends in the Arab World confirms Arab girls are catching up fast with their European and American associates of Universal Womanhood, a sign they are ignoring idiotic fatwas (sham Islamic rulings) ordering them not to strip totally naked in front of their husbands.
Hundreds or Kuwait girls, historically known for their determination and independent thinking, are defying a recent such fatwa by a Saudi idiot by cooking, cleaning and doing the dish washing completely naked.
A study by Kuwaiti  psychologist, Al Kuwaiti Al-Muttalaq, a male,  confirms 10% of Kuwaiti wives beat up their husbands regularly. He noted the trend is increasing fast and includes a wonderful selection of body parts of husbands such as cheeks, shoulders, chest, bottoms and arms.
He wrote that Saudi wives are not doing as well with only 5% of wives identified as husband molesters by the police according to complaints filed by distressed husbands. In Egypt, he observed, the percentage is 20%, a relatively high volume that can be explained by the fact that Egyptian husbands on average are smaller than their counterparts in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia by 12.09%.
Al-Muttalaq is optimistic the trend will accelerate as Arab women become more independent and authoritative after 1,300 years of persecution by the influential Religious Industrial Complex (IRC) whose members issued no less than 7,00 fatwas generally considered by Arab women “fuckingly restrictive”.
Amal Rigal, the Kuwait chairperson of the United Front Against Fucking Husbands (UFAFH), a United Nations approved non-profit, peace-loving social organisation, said the Front is studying data collected by social experts in Europe and the United States to raise the number of husband molestation cases by Arab wives as quickly as possible.
Amal told reporters: “Dr. Al-Muttalaq’s study shows 26.92% of American married sisters and 19.72% of British married sisters beat up their husbands regularly. With new strategies currently implemented, we are confident Kuwaiti wives will knock the pants off American and European sisterly averages within five years. Arab men are more vulnerable than American or European men because they are circumcised and therefore less able to defend themselves against targeted attacks. We, girls, should exploit this weakness strongly.”
Added Amal: “No idiots, Saudi or otherwise, should dare tell us we Muslim girls they know Islam better than us. We come out to the world pure Muslims. If Allah, blessed be his name, wanted us to have hijabs we should have emerged from our mums’ wombs wearing one and the boys already circumcised. So enough is enough. Our next urgent move under consideration is to widen the protest against idiotic religious so called by themselves “scholars’ not just to include cooking, cleaning and  dish washing completely naked, but to start parading our sexiest members with not a stitch on in supermarkets and department stores. Initial consultations with managers of shopping complexes are very encouraging. Sales are guaranteed to shoot sky high and we’re promised 14% of all profits to help us finance  protests across Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf countries and maybe Europe and the United States as well.”
“I say to all our sisters all over the Arab world: rise girls and cast away the shackles imposed by turban-headed idiots: Steel yourselves with courage and decency and STRIP! Our honoured member Amina Widad said it very clearly: Get your fatwa off our arses! I only have to add the word ‘literary’ and call on you to assist those deprived men to wank themselves to extinction.”►NEW: Amal Rigal has given her first maiden speech. Read all about it on this page. Here’s a link but hurry
Amal Rigal leader of the influential UFAFH emerges from nudity protest fully clothed with glory