Novelist and Historian Adel S. Bishtawi

Poetry & Songs

Love me as I will

Love me as I will Love me as I will, If you want me still, All the girls before you, Since I was a kid, Said to me ‘I love you,’ But they never did. Last time was different, Different yet again, But they always lead you, Down the memory lane, With every break, The […]

What should I do?

What should I do? What should I do So you’ll believe My love is true? What should I say Except the truth, The snow is white, I do love you, The grass is green, The sky is blue? If it’s naughty you prefer, I’m as naughty as you’ll get, Just name your game, Tell me […]

The Two Wise Bees

Scholars from AllIndia University are certain the claim made by concerning the location of a poem atrribted to Acharya Hemachandra is probably “a light-headed prank”. The post published on the AsiaWide_Academia official website has since been withdrawn, but a copy of the purported poem, “The Two Wise Bees” is circulating on several Facebook pages […]

The wise gorilla

The wise gorilla Hey John, stupid man! Why do you call me “crazy”? You have a job, I understand, But you think I’m lazy? Your business is to get taxed, My business is to get relaxed, I’m soaking a bit of sun, For a job that must be done, Not the same is everyone, You’ve […]

First Things First

First Things First First things first, Seconds are always next, Enter the garden of love and wander, Your first true love will remain a wonder, You may forget your first steps, But the first true kiss is always on your lips.

If I Had a Billion Hearts

If I Had a Billion Hearts*If I had a billion hearts, And you had a single one, I’d love you a billion times, And a billion more before I’m done.But I have a single heart, That’s anxious for your dare, Just tell it you want to twine, And the loving billions you prefer. If I […]

Look in our oryx eyes and say “Subhanallah”

Muslim girls have a message for you: “Look in our oryx eyes and say “Subhanallah”* The greatest world Muslim emperor of the 9th century was described as a dog, a ram and a large bucket and the poet got away with it! The story is told of an uncouth poet from deep in the Arabian […]

To love and suffer

Muslim boys have a poem for Muslim girls.They got the message and they all cheered “Subhanallah” and hope to hear more of “Mashallah”. Their wish is for Muslim girls to like the poem because they took time off study to discuss it, agree on it and write it after they read their message. That took […]

Is there a way?

Is there a way? Is there a way To make you change your mind, And put your doubts to rest? Is it all right to call, Or maybe wait is best? Is there a way, To make you hear my sighs, As longing as can be? Or should I be content, With sighing just for […]

Chocolate Girl

Chocolate Girl Chocolate girl, Would you be – If only for a while – The tolling bell, That wakes me for my dream? I’ll make my own coffee, But would you be my only cream? I’ll serve you every breakfast, And take it to your bed, With a white rose for six days, The seventh […]