What should I do?

Poetry for proud girls

What should I do?

What should I do
So you’ll believe
My love is true?

What should I say
Except the truth,
The snow is white,
The grass is green,
My love is pure
The sky is blue?

If it’s naughty you prefer,
I’m as naughty as you’ll get,
Just name your game,
Tell me when and tell where
Whatever the bet
We’ll play.

If serenity is your taste,
I’m fine,
I’m calmer than the calmest sea,
I’ll tiptoe in and tiptoe out,
And only when you feel your lips,
You’ll know the warmth
That lingers there,
Is mine.

There’s a key to every lock,
To everywhere a way,
I have a heart,
And I also have pride,
It could be yes
It could be no
When you say you’ll answer me,
I’ll ask.

image: http://www.adst.org