Only When Desire Screams


A new POETRY book PRIMED WITH POWERFUL EXPRESSION The heart is the temple of love in which it crowns itself supreme. In unlike all other temples, but like all dictators, love needs no permission to enter, accepts no restrictions, conforms to no rules except its own and rejects all rivals. What it does in this temple is nothing less than one of the greatest miracles of humanity. Every dim corner...



SUSAN BARBARA BISHTAWI Painter (Maiden name Susan Galea Borg) Jewellery Designer Book Cover Designer Susan at Medina, Malta; Susan with close friends. Highlights from an interview with Susan Bishtawi by Hussam-ul-Deen Mohamed, author, Managing Editor of Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, London, England, and one of the outstanding literary critics in the Arab World ■ (Q) You are British, your father is...