If I Had a Billion Hearts

If I Had a Billion Hearts*If I had a billion hearts,
And you had a single one,
I’d love you a billion times,
And a billion more before I’m done.But I have a single heart,
That’s anxious for your dare,
Just tell it you want to twine,
And the loving billions you prefer.

If I had a billion lips,
And you had a single pair,
I’ll kiss you a billion times,
With the softest touch and care.
But I’ve for you just two lips,
When you think of a billion ways,
You’ll have them all with eyes closed,
And just one more with a wild stare.

If I had a billion nests,
There’ll be only a single bird,
Dream as wildly as you can,
Then take my hand and lead me on,
To a billion beds that we will share.

*Dedication: Eastern Star/PN

Image: http://www.petitpalais.paris.fr/en

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