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Petra Doleželova – Děkuj very much

    The Church of Saint Giles (Ægidius), or Kostel svatého Jiljí in Czech, is almost right in the heart of the old town of Prague. There are many beautiful churches outside Italy, and Saint Giles church, built at the beginning of the 14th century, is one of the most beautiful I have seen. The […]

Apparently fingers are not just for foreplay

Astonishing epigraphical evidence unearthed in southern Arabia proves fingers were first used for counting goats, camels and wives Some clever people in ancient Arabia, or maybe in eastern Africa before they crossed the southern end of the Red Sea, needed to express numbers. They had no paper, no pens and pencils and definitely no computers, scientists claim. […]

Shamelessly Amateurish

Granada Bishtawi has written two books on the Moriscos covered extensively in the Arabic section of this website. In what I called “a literary odyssey in search of Andalusian Spain”, the investigative featurist Tor Eigeland poduced for Aramco World magazine a series of remarkable articles covering many topics. A search in the magazine will produce the articles […]

A Life Less Ordinary: Polymath A.S. Bishtawi

by Anisa Benmoktar on February 20, 2010 I have all the time in the world for Adel Said Bishtawi. This Palestinian-born Arab creative polymath has written extraordinary articles, novels and produced documentaries on Muslim and Arab culture around the world. A Career Dedicated to Arabic Culture I feel that A.S. Bishtawi has mined, explored and revealed some of the […]

The Arab Spring: an update

Mare Nostrum: The 7th Biennial European Writers’ Council The Seventh Biennial European Writers’ Council was held in Valletta – Malta on 11 April 2013 Discourse/Disorder: Literature Narration of Revolution and Social Upheaval Update on the Arab Spring by historian and novelist Adel S. Bishtawi   I- Novelists and Historians I do not know much about […]