Novelist and Historian Adel S. Bishtawi

As it nears the end…

A Review of Traces of a Tattoo  by writer, critic and journalist Salah Huzayyen Traces of a Tattoo starts with the principal character strolling London’s main streets and alleys, browsing through shops and stores he knew by heart. In his downtown excursion, Hisham is flooded with fresh memories, days recently gone by when he used […]

Very much like a love song

Traces of a Tattoo: A review by Iraqi writer and critic Fatima Al-Mhusin It happens that old lovers do meet by coincidence on a lost pavement. And it happens that the meeting of old lovers may come as a daydream, something hard to materialize in reality. And it happens that old lovers may be forced by […]

Arab women status in society

The Arab woman and her status in society is the most important concern of Traces of a Tattoo. The diversified levels of narration employed in the writing of this novel make the feminine a reference point, a universal target and an ultimate goal of everything. They also turn the novel into a new ground where the […]

Landmark in modern Literature

A review of the Arabic edition of Traces of a Tattoo by one of the most influential Arab literary critic: Hussam  ul-deen Mohamed   Traces of a Tattoo is one of the most beautiful Arab novels I have read in recent years. It acquainted me with this surprising solitary writer, jeweller and skilled craftsman who […]

No ordinary novel

Traces of a Tattoo reviewed by Morocco’s celebrated literary critic Mohammed Allott   Traces of a Tattoo is no ordinary novel. Evoking the example of giant literary Arabic works such as Cities of Salt by Abdulrahman Munif, The Boys of our Neighbourhood by Najib Mahfouz, Midday Spectra by Bahoush Yassin (Morocco), it is an odyssey […]