Novelist and Historian Adel S. Bishtawi

Poetry & Songs

What should I do?

Poetry for proud girls What should I do? What should I do So you’ll believe My love is true? What should I say Except the truth, The snow is white, The grass is green, My love is pure The sky is blue? If it’s naughty you prefer, I’m as naughty as you’ll get, Just name […]

Hand in hand

Hand in hand   I’ve never seen, A dreamy scene, So clear, Footsteps so light, Inside my heart, I hear, And whispers sweet, Enticing souls to twine, dreams to blend, And lips so finely dewed by waiting far too long before they finally meet, Then silence reigns until the chest heaves out, Will you be mine one […]

One Day

One day the sea’s heart may stop beating,
For reasons awesome, the world may go cold,
Springs and summers may not be meeting,
And Earth may dwarf and grow finally old.

Breathless I Shall Wait

Breathless I shall wait,
In the shadows; in the light,
And as I see her standing there,
The brightest moon in a darkened night,
I feel suspended with my stare.

Gods and Poets

And Princess Nailamar said, “Men are like the grains of sand we have now as our rug. From afar they all look alike until you come closer and inspect them in the sun, and only then you will see men and you will see men with hearts.”

Young Poets

Summer’s warmth is long forgotten
In the midst of winter’s cold,
And fleeing youth is a distant shadow
As so soon we grow old.
But like a band that keeps on playing
So she’d have her maiden dance,
Waltzing eyes in gentle crying
May give poets another chance.

My Distant Shore

When I was a boy
I used to think of a distant shore
I always thought
I must have seen it in a dream.

Bonds of Love

If bonds of love
are made above
is true,
then why resist
I have the best
the only Sue
I want to love
is you.

Ladies and Men

Gentlemen are made by ladies
And good homes by dedicated mums,
And if mums want dedicated husbands
They should be dedicated wives,
For only both can make a garden
And that’s where a lady thrives.


Each day a boy was murdered,
And each day a girl sacrificed,
Each day a child was orphaned,
And each day a life nullified. . .